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PlushWire is an IT consulting company based in Miami, Florida, that provides a comprehensive range of IT services. Whatever the task - network setup, website design, ecommerce functionality or remote technical support - PlushWire's highly ...
What We Do
We provide a comprehensive range of services with full setup, management and implementation support required: Custom Server Solutions Local Area Networks ISP Infrastructure Voice-over-IP Solutions Secure Wireless Networks Security Assessment ...

Custom Application Development

Frequently, the products that are already available offer general functionality, where more specific functions tend to be absent. Management issues in major companies cannot be solved, or can be solved only in part, by the available software. Today many companies understand this and strive to streamline their business processes with simple-to-use, yet integrated and efficient IT solutions. Where an off-shelf application will be cumbersome or unsuitable to use, a customized solution is necessary.

Custom software is designed for your specific business requirements. It will help you reduce costs and maximize profits by increasing work efficiency of the staff, attracting new clients, and ensuring old ones become more loyal. It is flexible and easy to use, constantly evolving, and ready to meet modern business challenges.

At PlushWire we offer our customers full range of services, from requirements list brainstorming to technical support of the product in its post-development stage. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver quality and cost-effective customized applications within a strict project development schedule. With a dedicated team of programmers, QA specialists, usability experts and security engineers we create software that is user-centered, stable and secure.

Custom solutions we build:

  • Customer relationship management systems (CRM)
  • Payment gateways integration
  • Short message service (SMS) gateways integration
  • Tracking systems integrations
  • API protocols
  • Ecommerce
  • Asset and inventory management
  • Social networking
  • Book/print material building and tracking
  • Auction platforms
  • Intranets /Extranets
  • Control panels of 3rd party components
  • Catalogues
  • 3rd party search engineering integration

Whether you seek an automated software solution or an application for your end customers' needs, PlushWire is ready to prove we can do it best.